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15C Nth Degree Polynomial Program
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RE: 15C Nth Degree Polynomial Program
(12-03-2019 06:08 AM)Gamo Wrote:  15-lennyphelan

Can you provide some example from this program?

Thank You


No problem.

Suppose I have the function f(x)=16x^5-4x^4+8x^2-4x-9 and I want to find ∫f(x)dx from 1 to 7

The coefficients of this polynomial in order of descending significance are 16, -4, 0, 8, -4, and -9 (notice there are six of them)

I'm going to put the calc in user mode, execute f MATRIX 1, and dimension matrix A to 1x6 with 1, ENTER, 6, f DIM A, then load the coefficients into the matrix by typing 16 STO A, 4 CHS STO A, ... so on. As you're storing the constant term, the calc should display [A 1,6] as you're holding the button.

Then I simply type 1, ENTER, 7, f ∫yx A. Sit back and relax for a minute.

Mathematica tells me the answer is 301045.2, and with exact precision, so does my 15c!
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