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(12C) Prime Factorization
11-23-2019, 03:45 AM (This post was last modified: 11-24-2019 01:56 AM by Don Shepherd.)
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RE: (12C) Prime Factorization
(11-23-2019 03:23 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Couldn't the final two steps be replaced by goto 57?


Hi Pauli, thanks.

It looks like that change would work, but the 2010 post is archived and cannot be changed so I'd have to do some cutting and pasting into a new post, which I'd rather not do. There are three additional changes I wanted to make back in 2010 (to reduce the number of indirect registers by 1) but I couldn't make the changes because of the archive status. Those changes didn't really affect the speed or functionality of the program anyhow.

UPDATE: I'm going to remove the link to the archived article (that can't be updated) and post the revised code in its place--to include Pauli's suggestion and also use one fewer register for indirect addressing.

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