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Watch related Part 1 (too many photos for 1 posting)
11-23-2019, 12:05 AM (This post was last modified: 11-23-2019 09:06 PM by BobVA.)
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RE: Watch related Part 1 (too many photos for 1 posting)
(11-22-2019 08:12 PM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  ...Acoustical, capacitive and magnetic and measurement by means of current drain!..

Current drain, indeed! Very clever! It can sense the hand step signal through that and then work out the timing and any error from there.

I did the "cut and try" approach on a Seiko A829 LCD quartz for a couple of weeks and got it pretty well dialed in, but I didn't want to repeat that task for a couple of others in the queue. I wound up using a hack that saved some time, but I expect that would be about ten second job on your newly revived box. Nothing like the right tool for the job!

I was puzzled by the lack of amplitude and beat measurements for balance wheel watches but I guess that it's because that mode it was designed mostly for servicing electric mechanicals like the Hamilton 500, rather than conventional escapement movements?

And it's got LED's!
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