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Watch related Part 1 (too many photos for 1 posting)
11-21-2019, 05:02 PM
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RE: Watch related
The LCD push button is selected with green signal and red seconds per month now indicated. Sampling time is 5 seconds:

[Image: after%2023%20lcd_zpsnvl1gjcq.jpg]

Voltage of a battery under test, the EXT V push button is selected:

[Image: after%2031%20battery%20test_zps555gsvxz.jpg]

Internal supply voltage being tested for accuracy. Output is being tested by my multimeters. Note the selector knob is abeam the 1.55 volt indicator, not bad accuracy! Note the SUPPLY V push button is selected:

[Image: after%2032%20supply%20voltage_zps15xjeudh.jpg]

Here the voltage knob is selected to the highest value, almost 3 volts. These two voltages and all between are typical LCD and LED voltage requirements.

[Image: after%2033%20supply%20voltage_zpsfkuw8gq3.jpg]

Here is the accuracy of the voltage measurements:

[Image: after%2034%20voltage%20accuracy_zpsjutuxzx0.jpg]

And the capacitors removed:

[Image: after%2000%20replaced%20caps_zpsptpmxuv1.jpg]

The missing probes, which I will be making later, would connect to the module + and - testing points. The module would be upside down and the display would be visible in the mirror.

There is an alarm button as well as a display button, again I need a manual to check these for functionality.

So I think I have it working. The tested seconds per day and seconds per month in the above examples check well with the watches actual performance. I also tested a Bulova Accutron, Omega 300 hertz and my 2.4 analog Omega Marine Master all check. The Omega Marine Master clocked in at 1 second per month on the tester and that coincides with its actual rate!

The quartz watches are divided into 32kHz, LCD and analog. The analog was used for the Marine Master so I guess it automatically detects the rates. Again I need the manual to determine what is what.

Hope you enjoyed the posting, I will do a YouTube video with various aspects of its capabilities demonstrated.

Best regards,

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