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HP41CX, corrosion on (-) of one battery
11-03-2019, 04:42 AM
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RE: HP41CX, corrosion on (-) of one battery
(11-02-2019 03:26 PM)Uli Wrote:  I am also using rechargeable batteries. I have three hp41cx with these batteries.
Only one calculator has this issue.
I can't see any damages at these batteries.

The batteries are named as followed:

Maybe one of the four contacts in the calculator is not as good as the other three ones. But there is no different to see. There is no corrosion inside of the calculator. There was no battery leakage inside of the calculator.

I have had installed four modules.
CCD, math1, x memory, hp-41 advantage.
That is the only different to the other 41cx I have.

Now I make a test over the next couple of days without modules.

Your calculators are fine, don't worry. The problem is with the batteries.

Corrosion is a chemical reaction, oxygen mixing with metal molecules. If the calculators terminals are fine, and it is due to the high quality material used, they can't be the culprit for the battery corrosion. Blame the poor metal used in the batteries.

Try some qualty batteries, like Duracell, and you will see that they won't corrode.

Good luck.

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