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HP-32, HP-35, HP-38, HP-45, HP-65, HP-67, HP-70, HP-97 for iPhone/iPad
12-19-2013, 03:26 PM
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RE: HP-45, HP-67, HP-70 for iPhone and iPad
Willy Kunz has done a fantastic job of recreating some HP classics, with special emphasis on the flagship HP-67. (I still remember the first time I "met" a 67, in college in Texas. Even vaguely remember the kid that owned it!) Anyone who 1) loves HP classics, and 2) has an iOS device (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) that can run any of these really would, I think, enjoy trying them out. The legacy of the golden age of HP LED calculators will be helped to live on through these apps, and also bring them to people who cannot afford a "mint" condition one (are calculators from this era ever really "mint"?) from that auction site place.

Regarding the philosophical differences I see here, this forum seems like the perfect place for developers to announce what they're working on, and Willy's announcement certainly doesn't in my eyes constitute advertising. I have, at last count, 27 calculator apps on my iPod, 23 of which are HP simulators. I would love to see any new ones introduced here, discussed by forum members... pointing out the strengths, the cool features, the good ones, the bad ones. And I see no moral difficulty with the writer of the apps introducing them. Let the discussions follow!

And, I respectfully disagree the site's founder and Super Moderator... Dave, thanks for maintaining this site, but it would not occur to me to look for app releases in the "classifieds". I would love to see any good, quality app developer announce them right here, in the section that's subtitled "This is the place for emulators, simulators..." plus, an "ad" in the classifieds would hardly be the place to stimulate discussions on the app being announced.

So, I say: let the app developers introduce products here, and let the forum members dissect them, criticize them, praise them, give opinions on which are good and which ones are best left alone...

And, if public opinion bars such announcements, the forums, in the long run, will only be a weaker, less informed place, "waiting" for someone to discover some new quality app and hopefully bring it to light. Most apps that a developer would think to introduce to this elite forum would, most likely, be quality RPN/RPL type apps. Personally I don't plan to peruse iTunes endlessly hoping to find that latest gem.
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