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Hp35 classic (display segment problem)
10-22-2019, 07:51 AM
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Hp35 classic (display segment problem)

this is more or less the same issue with the led segments in the display of the classic models.

The new for me, is that the upper horizontal segment of all the consecutive digits from the 6th to the 10h position that do not light up. (I start counting from left, taking into account the first led bulb, dedicated to the minus sign).

So, the failure is in the second group of five led bulbs (the HP35 has three groups of five led bulbs, that compose the display) all upper segments of these five digits.

Can you give me a clue of where is the problem: in the group of five led digits it self or in the anode (or cathode...I never remember well), maybe a bad contact?

The calculator is the best HP35 v4 model I have seen. Looks like never used. For me it will be a pain to remove the back label. ;-(

Thanks and kind regards

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