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DM42 possible for audio beep keypress feedback?
10-10-2019, 01:27 AM
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RE: DM42 possible for audio beep keypress feedback?
I use my DM42 every day, but I've never been in love with the keyboard. I've only managed to get it to the point of "good enough", and this has required key flexing, inserting cut up Post-It notes to level the Enter key, multiple attempts to disassemble and clean the keyboard contacts (including this morning), and nearly 2 years of use. Also, the print is wearing off the EXIT and down arrow keys.

If I hadn't been spoiled by the speed, substantial memory increase, I/O, and realtime clock, I'd stick with my 42S just for the much better keyboard.

In regards to the 48, I love that series, but it's kind of a pain to write menu-based programs like you can with KEYG, KEYX, and MENU on the 42S. The 48's local variables simplify very simple programs and user-defined functions, and the structured flow control and object system makes complex programs more manageable, but there's sort of this middle tier of program complexity that just ends up being easier to do on a 42S.
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