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HP reduces drastically employees
10-14-2019, 02:07 PM
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RE: HP reduces drastically employees
I work at a national lab in Albuquerque working on secret stuff for the DOE - which is about as specific as I can get on a public forum. 8^)

They limit "Personal Electronic Devices" in the "limited" [secure] areas. Basically any computing device (or phone*! or bluetooth device or USB stick or bluetooth enabled bike hub!) that has a large writeable memory is verboten.

Just the fact that I can move a large file from a PC to the Prime is very suspect. I can have the Lab buy me a Prime, but then it is theirs and not mine, so I cannot take it if I leave.

I am probably bending the rules a bit with the HP71B, but you cannot smuggle many secrets in 48K RAM!

*This seems to be a bone of contention between the DOE and the Lab, young kids out of college refuse to work in a place that will not allow them their phones!
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