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Programming Pad for RPL Programs
05-21-2014, 11:45 PM
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RE: Programming Pad for RPL Programs
(05-21-2014 09:03 PM)Raymond Del Tondo Wrote:  Hi,

may I add my ideas related to programming aids?

All you need for structured RPL programming on a PC is a text editor which supports monospaced fonts, the HP RPL cmd line tools, Emu48, and some keyboard shortcuts;-)

There are several ways to "structure" a source text. I usually use tabs, or certain amounts of spaces for certain structures.

In this thread there are listings, partly with comments and stack diagrams.

You can see from the listings that multispaced fonts are not very suitable for text source listings.
In post #19 is a link to the ifft source in a zipped text file. This can be viewed best with monopaced fonts. Recommended editors are (in increasing flexibility): NotePad(++), UltraEdit, or my favourite: TSE Pro 32.

There are some IDEs which also help creating structured RPL code. Debug2x/Dbugx come to mind. 2x: Outdated and buggy as hell, but a step. One of the disadvantages of Debug2x was that the editor control they used always changed and reformatted my (the user's) source text without asking, which is a no-go.
I don't know if Debug4x (the extremely improved Debug2x, by Bill Graves) still has this issue,
but this was one of the reasons why I even made my few 49g projects using some custom scripts and the cmd line tools.

Thanks Ray! The pointer to your post in that thread is the sample code I have been looking for. I recalled the general format, but not when/who by/where I had seen it. Similar to the style Thomas also suggested, but I see you have the stack bottom to the left as well. Who knows, perhaps my instincts were really just partially recalling your example.

Anyhow thanks for these notes. I think I'm going to check out Debug4X as I have no current IDE or strong editor preference to drive any particular solution. If Debug4X is a fully integrated suite, I may as well learn that tool. I generally use TextPad and had given thought to creating language templates for RPL, but for SysRPL, the vocabulary is so large it's not practical.

--Bob Prosperi
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