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Lists, Vectors, Sequences
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Lists, Vectors, Sequences
For discussion; I have a few questions about lists, vectors, sequences, etc.

In my experience, a vector indicates a direction and a value (mechanical / electrical).
Vectors can be presented with Cartesian, Spherical or Cylindrical. Two or three dimensional.
In the Matrix Editer you can select Vect. You can then enter as many values ​​as you want. This is presented as a column. This vector is presented horizontally in the command line.
(My HP Prime is set to textbook)

Question 1:
You would think that a vector can consist of only 2 or 3 values?
Only if it were geometric?
With multiple values, what exactly is the difference between a vector and a list?

Question 2:
Is a vector in the HP Prime (because you can enter many more values) a row vector or a column vector? Or does that not matter?

Returning to my previous Thread “Geometry App, Distance, Intersections”.
(Thanks kevin3g)

Question 3:
How can I see if a variable (or an object?) is a list or a sequence?
How are these presented in CAS?

Take my questions for granted, I have been a retired (software) engineer / consultant for offshore pipelay barges and crane vessels (tensioners, winches and ballast control- and simulation systems) for a reasonable time. I’am getting old !! (I hope).
I did my maths study in the sixties!
I mainly use my HP Prime for my engineering hobbies. I have written several useful programs for this. This means that the HP Prime is very useful (easy to use) for engineers !!

— Dirk Hartland
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