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Geometry App, Distance, Intersections
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Geometry App, Distance, Intersections
This post is based on the thread “find distance between intersections of circle and line”
This seemed like a nice thing to solve with the Geometry App.

What I've done;

Symb -> GA line (y = (2 * x + 3))
Symb -> GB circle (((x + 1) ^ 2 + y ^ 2) = 55)
Symb -> GC inter (GA,GB) (command intersections)

The above was well displayed on the Plot page.

Num -> distance (GC) -> Error: Bad Argument

Hey, that's weird that "distance" can't calculate the distance between the two points of GC.
GC has the value [point (val, val), point (val, val)] .... between square brackets, it’s a list.
On the command line: VARS -> App -> Geometry -> GC value also between square brackets.
After I copied the GC value from command line to distance in the Geometry App and deleted the square brackets, distance could calculate the value.

Conclusion; distance cannot calculate the distance between two points calculated with command intersections. Or distance must take into account the fact that the answer is between square brackets, that the answer is a list.
Or am I doing something wrong myself?

— Dirk Hartland
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