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HP 10bii+ repurposing
09-10-2019, 05:02 PM
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RE: HP 10bii+ repurposing
(09-07-2019 07:47 AM)ijabbott Wrote:  Could a HP 10bii+ be reprogrammed into a different machine like the 20b and 30b can? I guess it comes down to how much public information is available about the hardware. Was it ever considered as a platform by Walter and Pauli?

I once considered repurposing the 10bii+, as discussed in this thread. While I cannot find any evidence, I am 99% sure that I actually re-flashed a 10bii+ into... something else. I seem to recall flashing it, pressing keys and watching the display to see what happened. I do not recall if I attempted to turn it into a 15C (LE), wp34s, or other. I just dug it out, and it is currently a 10bii+, so I must have flashed it back to its orginal self. Of course if I cannot find pictures, I guess it didn't happen.

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