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HP65 card header read/write head
08-25-2019, 01:40 AM
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RE: HP65 card header read/write head
(08-24-2019 11:36 PM)teenix Wrote:  I don't know if ribbon cable will suffice. At the circuit board maybe, but it's usually pretty thin and may not pass the current for the motor, plus the ends will have to be pulled apart quite a bit to run to the motor, battery and ground.

Light gauge single strand hook-up wire would do, similar to the original wiring. Heavier gauge wiring might rip the small solder pads from the circuit board.



The power wires are securely soldered to the board okay. It's the five wires that connect the read/write head that have the problem. I have reconnected them but I am not convinced the connections are secure since every time I remove that "guitar" PC board one or more of these wires breaks off the board.

I think your idea of using single strand hook-up wire is a good one, ribbon cable will be too heavy, plus it's got to fit into a tight space. The real trick is stripping the insulation without breaking the wire.


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