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08-17-2019, 05:28 PM
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(08-17-2019 02:45 PM)Podalirius Wrote:  On CFGINI use, I triyed working with the MMU(s) installed by CFGINI, in maybe every mode
but is impossible and also a powerful source of MEMORY LOST,
because with EXCFG and RCLCFG the modules are superimposed
in ports so is possible that more ports are linked to the same module.
Even if I use PPLUG to delete a module and insert the new correct module
the MEMORY LOST error is a possibility very real!

Can you give some examples of how you obtained MEMORY LOST when working with the MMU? I tried to reduce the possibility of MEMORY LOST errors, so if there are things I missed I would like to know.

If you are using YFNX any port that has a physical module plugged in is supposed to be automatically marked as "LOCKED" so that you can't accidentally create a conflict. And the OS should properly handle the case where two identical images are plugged in to different ports via the MMU.

As far as the HEPAX RAM, as far as the 41CL knows it's just another chunk of memory selected via the MMU. If you want to keep the HEPAX RAM the same across configurations, just mark those pages as "locked" and the hardware will protect them. If you swap out different copies of HEPAX RAM via the MMU, all of the contents of the HEPAX RAM are still there in 41CL RAM, untouched unless you deliberately do something to them. Unless I misunderstand how the HEPAX chaining works (it's all contained within the 4k page) all of the relevant page chaining information is also preserved.

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