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41CL EDTR module
08-11-2019, 03:17 PM
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RE: 41CL EDTR module
As I'm the one who put it together I should be able to add some details on it.

It's a set of programs on the Text Editing subject, collected from different sources - mostly PPC issues but also others.

Here's a short list of its contents:

"TXED"- Text Editor, by Erik Christensen. from XF Made Easy book
"41EDIT"- HP-41 Interactive Text Editor, by Eric Meyer. V10N5p29 - June 1983
"XED"- Extended ED (41CX), by Ángel Martin
"TXED" - Text Editing on the HP-41, by Eduard Wulff. V10N3P20 - April 1983
"TYPE"- Word Processor with the 82905B. By John Gilby, UPL# 02077C
"NAP"- Names/Addresses Mailing Program, by Keith Jarret, from XF Made Easy book

Hope this helps, you should be able to find the references listed.

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