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Pioneer Repair. Is it worth it?
08-07-2019, 05:56 PM
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Pioneer Repair. Is it worth it?
Hi all,
I was recently given an HP 32S and an HP 32SII.

The 32S is very dirty but is working OK, good display and all keys work. I think it will clean up just fine.

The 32SII Is not so good. Only about half the keys work and the ON/Off key is one that does not so I have to remove the batteries just to turn it off. From what I have seen it is fairly easy to remove the back cover without utter destruction. It seems that the keyboard is held to the front cover with about a bajillion plastic rivets. I am wondering what the success rate is for disassembly and cleaning/repairing these is. Do you have any good tips?

I will probably attempt this myself for the learning experience. I have nothing to lose considering the price and that it is not working to begin with. I have a bit of experience repairing classics and HP 67 card readers but these pioneers are a completely different animal.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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