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Casio Pro fx-1 card reader programmable
07-11-2019, 03:01 AM (This post was last modified: 07-11-2019 03:02 AM by toml_12953.)
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RE: Casio Pro fx-1 card reader programmable
(07-11-2019 12:17 AM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  Hello all,

Taking some time off to play.

Restored, that is dis-assembled my working FX-1 to repair some bouncy keys. Of course this means a full PCA cleaning as well as shell.

All functions work perfectly but the card reader status is unknown. I have some new cards arriving from England soon. In the mean time I have been writing some programs for the calculator. I do have an fx-201p which I have restored earlier this year so messing with the coding (semi FORTRAN) is fun.

In any case, three things:

1) does the card reader record data registers along with program coded? It would be helpful, especially with programs requiring many constants. That would save loading constants beforehand into the requisite registers.

2) does anyone have a calculator manual for the fx-1 in PDF format that they are willing to share. I have the fx-201p manual but it does not discuss the card reader do’s and dont’s.

3) Does anyone have the program manual in PDF format that they are willing to share?

Cheers, Geoff

Will probably do a YouTube video on the fx-1 as well as my HP 29LP IR.

Here are the card reader instructions. Make sure you follow the instructions in the Special Note!

Tom L
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