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Unit Calc / Conversion only in HP?
05-16-2014, 07:26 AM
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RE: Unit Calc / Conversion only in HP?
(05-15-2014 09:14 PM)walter b Wrote:  Hmmh, you should know better - but obviously you don't.
Rest assured: I know better than you do. Smile

Just to make sure what we're talking about:
HP 48G Series
User's Guide
Chapter 10: Unit Objects (*)

12_mA ENTER                                 12_mA
7_MΩ ENTER                                   7_MΩ
×                                        84_mA*MΩ
UBASE                         8400_kg*m^2/(A*s^3)
5_μF ENTER                                   5_μF
×                         42000_kg*m^2*μF/(A*s^3)
UBASE                                     .42_A*s
1_mC CONVERT                               420_mC

Quote:So please read pp. 21 and 155ff (of 244) of the manual. Confused

Unfortunately that link is broken. Sad

Quote:BTW, the overwhelming part of so-called unit calculations becomes obsolete once you start working with SI. Every professional scientist or engineer knows that. And for the little remaining part, 90% of it you can do faster in your head than keying it in.

Completely agree with you on that. Who needs a calculator to multiply 12×7×5? You can do everything in your head. Or then use a slide rule. But never admit to use a calculator.

You could have answered that the WP 34S is capable of unit conversions.
But then a lot of calculators can do that.
Cearly that's not what Alvaro asked.


(*) Or a similar chapter in the user's guide of the HP 50g.
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