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Keyboard Layout HP-41C and early models
06-12-2019, 01:45 PM
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RE: Keyboard Layout HP-41C and early models
While there no doubt was (at least what the dev. team thought was) a good reason for the shift from operators on the left on Classic through 41 models to the operators on the right on the Voyager and subsequent models (and the operator different sequence) that reasoning has never been published. The May 83 HP Journal discusses the challenge of jamming all the 15C functions into the small Voyager keyboard, but the 11C and 12C had already been around for some time by then.

My own theory is that some prescient UI engineer was planting the seeds to sow decades of debate about which is right (er... correct). Which is a shame since they had it correct from the beginning.

Massimo's tag line says it all "-+×÷ ↔ left is right and right is wrong" Smile

--Bob Prosperi
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