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Help - Assembly programming on Debug4x (HP50G)
11-19-2020, 07:52 PM
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RE: Help - Assembly programming on Debug4x (HP50G)
(11-19-2020 04:36 PM)JeffB Wrote:  D0= 80120 % or D1= a value

P= 1

The Debug4x errors are

error: Unknown instruction 80120
error: Unknown instruction D0=
*** ERROR: Invalid expression *** P=
*** ERROR: Missing expression ***
error: Unknown instruction 1

I think you're on the right track, you just need to reformat things a bit.

The Saturn assembler that Debug4x uses doesn't like to have constants supplied as the value for an assignment for D0 or D1. This code:
will generate an error from the compiler: error: Thou shall not use constants, it's BAD!

There's at least 2 ways I can think of to get this to compile the way you want it in a CODEM...ENDCODE block. The first is probably the preferred way, as it helps to create more readable code:
   DC MyVar       80120

The second will also work, but Saturn code is difficult enough to read already... taking shortcuts like this will only make debugging harder:

The issue with P=1 was probably because the assembler couldn't make sense of what followed the D0= in the first place, which confused it with the subsequent code. Once you fix the D0= statement, I'd guess the P=1 will be fine.
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