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CMT71-64E HP-71b eprom module questions
04-28-2021, 12:22 PM
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RE: CMT71-64E HP-71b eprom module questions
(04-28-2021 12:02 PM)dmh Wrote:  
(04-28-2021 11:47 AM)KimH Wrote:  I don't think there were many built - doubt anyone knows. AFAIK there are about 6-7 folks (all active in this forum) who has one which works.

I am almost certain the BAD comes from the size OR that the ROM checksum generated originally by PTGENC$, is wrong or never generated before the burn.

If you found the document, look at page 15

What you can try is the command - DISP PTSIZE$ (':PORT(n)') - 32k would give h10000 or double that with 64K

I couldn't find the document you mentioned but I ran the command above and got h20000 so it appears it is a 64k EPROM with the 32k test program.

Is there a way of manually loading the 64k test?

You asked for it Smile

71B Compendium

about halfway down you can see the "burner" and a link to the owners guide.

This 71B Compendium by Sylvain is an outstanding (!!) and complete document which will be inspiration for you for some time, if you wanna know more about your recent acquisition and where to spend your hard earned money to have even more fun.

You will also find some of the tools - like the PIL-Box - suggested by Dave F earlier in then stream. Tools you would need to get "stuff" like the 64K test Lex into your 71B - there's plenty to keep you busy on rainy days.
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