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(11C) Profit Pricing Solver
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(11C) Profit Pricing Solver
Pricing calculation are based on Cost, Price, Markup and Margin.

Markup is based on cost and margin is based on selling price.


When entering data for business percentage calculations, results are calculated
based on data entered into specific memory registers. When pressed, the keys
used for these operations:

- store data.
- enter known data for variables used during calculations.
- calculate unknown variables based on stored data.

.pdf  Profit Pricing Solver.pdf (Size: 420.89 KB / Downloads: 52)

LBL E to Reset

1. Input two known variables and display shown 0 as an input.

2. Press the remain two unknown variables for answer.
First unknown variable return answer and press the same button once again then shown 0 as an input
and go ahead press the second unknown variable.

Example: USER mode and FIX 2

Below example gave all results to check
with this program if all answers match.
Video Clip:

Cost = 8
Price = 10
Markup = 25
Margin = 20

If Price and Markup is unknown
8 [A] display 0 // Input Cost
20 [D] display 0 // Input Margin
[B] display 10 // Output Price
[B] display 0 // Store Price
[C] display 25 // Output Markup

If Cost and Margin is unkown
10 [B] display 0
25 [C] display 0
[A] display 8
[A] display 0
[D] display 20

To calculate between Markup and Margin only
25 [C] display 0
[D] display 20

20 [D] display 0
[C] display 25

***Special Procedure**
If Price and Margin is unknown this program
can go straight to find Markup first then Cost.

8 [A] display 0
25 [C] display 0
[D] display 20
[D] display 0
[B] display 10


This program can calculate Pricing Calculations in almost any order pairs.
The only pair that cannot be calculate is when you only known (Markup Margin) and look for (Cost Price).
In Pricing Calculation one must known either Cost or Price to determined all the remaining unknown variables.

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