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41CV won't turn on after reassembly. Did I kill it?
05-10-2019, 11:14 PM
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RE: 41CV won't turn on after reassembly. Did I kill it?
(05-10-2019 11:10 PM)g8241CV Wrote:  >Not sure I'd be able to use contact cleaner directly on the key

Highly recommend DeOxit before you do anything more radical to keyboard. I found putting a tiny droplet on the hole and then exercising (depressing/releasing) the key caused the air in the dome to burp out and the DeOxit to be inhaled into the keyhole. Or depress the key, and then coat with DeOxit, and release key to inhale. Only takes a minute quantity to be effective. Mistake: if you repeatedly add the DeOxit, you may even find the fill is too much and the oil begins to migrate out of the key dome into surrounding area. BTDT. For fear of delaminating the keypad layers I burped excess oil into a clean cloth.

Further thought on investigation:

Another path to pursue: carefully inspect all the solder joints on the jumpers from the PCB to the display PCB pads. You're looking for any cold-soldered joint(s) working/worked loose.

Both good ideas, thanks, I'll try that if the fresh batteries get me nowhere. I just have to figure out where to buy DeOxit. Is it safe to squirt that stuff into the dome like that and essentially let it stay in there and potentially coat the surfaces? It wouldn't leave any harmful residues on the contacts, would it?

I might just try reflowing all the solder joints if I get desperate enough. I imagine the 41 is from before the proliferation of lead-free solder, so it should melt pretty easily.
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