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HP Woodstock power consumption
05-03-2019, 09:16 AM
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HP Woodstock power consumption

do you know which is the rated power consumption of the Woodstock series?

The rear label of my HP-21 says 500 mW, but its brochure says "Battery: 350 mW derived from nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery pack".

I measured with the multimeter a current of around 95 mA with the display in 0.00, that is, around 280 mW. With the display full it'll be more, but it seems it matches a 350 mW consumption, instead of 500 mW.

Furthermore, the advertising of the Woodstocks claimed that the display size and technology was improved to save energy compared to the classic series.

I don't understand then why the rear label shows the same power consumption of 500 mW as a classic one.

(OK, some classics showed "500 MW", I suppose it wasn't 500 megawatts, hehe).


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