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What entry mode do you use the most?
04-18-2019, 01:26 PM (This post was last modified: 04-18-2019 02:12 PM by compsystems.)
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RE: What entry mode do you use?
The algebraic word is not very explicit, the input of expressions in "algebraic" mode can be either linearly / 1D (beginning of the computational syntax) or Two-dimensional/2D emulating the true notation of the mathematics books also called prettyprint.

The linear notation and prettyprint many call it infix notation, which is not always true, for example 5! the factorial operator is postfix, the operators ABS, CEIL and FLOOR are in notation exofix
|-6.5|, ⌈-5.3⌉, ⌊-2.9⌋

In summary I would say standard notation (1D / 2D) and RPN

1: Standard
Linear input (1D): (a + b) ^ 2
Two-dimensional input (math textbook): (a + b) ²

2: RPN: a b + 2 ^

All the above talking about the entry of expressions in the history view, even the hpprime in the programming view is encoded linearly "algebraic", the only calculator that is encoded in two-dimensional notation is the TInspire

Notice in the following image that the variables SOL1 and SOL2 have mathematical expressions in 2D
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Currently the GIAC / Xcas engine supports python syntax in standard mode, please add this entry mode in the survey

PHP Code:
def legendre_nevalX="" ):
local pxxpurge(x)
px := 1/(2^n*n!)*diff((x^2-1)^n,x,n)
getType(evalX)=="NUM" or getType(evalX)=="EXPR" or getType(evalX)=="VAR":
elif getType(evalX)=="STR" and evalX=="list":

legendre_(2),legendre_(2,y),legendre_(2,"list"),legendre_(2,10),legendre_(2,cos(t)) [enter]

1/8*(12*x^2-4), 1/8*(12*y^2-4), poly1[3/2,0,-1/2],2 99/2, 1/8*(12*cos(t)^2-4) // the above output is written in linear notation

Finally I dream of a 100% entry mode in RPN, the teacher Bernard Parisse informs that it is difficult but I think it is not impossible that it can be encoded in some day in XCAS in RPN mode =)

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