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printing/laser cutting services for overlays?
04-07-2019, 06:17 PM
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RE: printing/laser cutting services for overlays?
Check this thread for a discussion of HP-41 overlays that are available from Michael Fehlhammer and the process he used to create them. He had been asked if he could also produce overlays for the HP-71/75, but low volume ruled out that possibility.

The process seems pretty involved, and he tried and ruled out laser cutting in favor of some form of cutting. Check the thread for details. Eric Rechlin uses a similar process I believe for the WP-34S adhesive overlays, available at

I've tried printing overlays on heavy photo paper stock and then cutting out the overlay using a Cricut Explore Air. From my experience with it though I wouldn't recommend this particular cutter due to its cumulative position error. I used this overlay generator to create my own for the 41.

The biggest problem I encountered was finding fonts small enough to fit on an overlay, complete with mathematical symbols, that would also come out reasonably sharp on an ink jet printer. Considering the DIY path with printer and cutter would cost in excess of $500, you may want to go the 80's retro route and just print & cut them out with an Xacto knife yourself Smile


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