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HP 25 game in old magazine?
03-26-2019, 03:20 AM
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HP 25 game in old magazine?
I used to have several HP 25 games that I had photocopied out of a magazine way back when, but those copies have long been lost, and I had no recollection of which magazine they came from. I was therefore very pleased to find one of the games "reprinted" here (, not just because it was my favorite of the bunch, but because it listed the original publication: Popular Electronics, June 1977.
So I headed to the library to re-assemble my lost games. The microfiche of that issue of PE yielded five games, but I realized that one game I was expecting was not there. I will describe what I remember of it and hope that someone reading this will recognize it and perhaps even provide a source.

The game was set in the wilderness, with areas of different terrain (jungle? swamp?). There was a printed map consisting of numbered circles connected by lines indicating the allowed paths between them. You had to make your way along the paths and avoid the calculator-controlled tiger that was stalking you.

That's what I remember. I'm pretty sure it was published in a magazine in the late 1970s. Does it ring any bells? Let me know!
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