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[HP-71B], FRAM71: putting an end to feature creep
05-06-2014, 07:38 PM (This post was last modified: 05-06-2014 07:39 PM by Hans Brueggemann.)
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[HP-71B], FRAM71: putting an end to feature creep
it looks like that i finally managed to get the feature creep under control, so that my FRAM71 (besides being a bunch of configurable memory modules) will also allow for a later addon that consists of an RS232-to-USB port and an IR LED. the add-on enables the HP-71B to communicate directly to a PC, while the IR LED will allow for printing on the HP82240 printer. so far, so good. what's missing now is a set of appropriate drivers to make it all work.

1) the RS232 can be accessed bytewise by PEEK$ and POKE, but the "speed" is (who would have guessed it..) inacceptable. the same holds true (to a lesser extend, that is) when trying to access it using the FORTH module via something like ": RS232TX #2C010 C! ;" that said, without some assembler programmed driver (call it RS232LEX) at hand, the interface is basically, well, useless Sad

2) for the IR printing option, the situation is the same, but not as severe, because the IR printer itself is the speed limiting factor here. however, when wading through jake schwartz' incredible compilation, i ran across the PIRLEX, a LEX file for printing on the HP82240.

so, here are my questions:
a) what do you think of having a UART on FRAM71 ? does it make any sense at all? if so, somebody willing to volunteer on doing the driver LEX for the RS232? (call it a Programming Challenge, if you want...)
b) does somebody have the PIRLEX file and is willing to send it to me?
c) ah.. and yes, the front bezel.. anybody out there with a 3d printer?

best regards,
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