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(HP-67/97) Correlation … electroencephalographic activity … surgical anesthesia
03-05-2019, 08:55 PM
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(HP-67/97) Correlation … electroencephalographic activity … surgical anesthesia
An extract from Correlation of canine electroencephalographic activity during surgical anesthesia, ISU, 1977 (150 pgs.)

The objective of this investigation was to develop and test a system for the determination of the parameters described … A computer simulation provided a vehicle for relating the changes … The information component of the data was separated from the random component through an application of numerical analysis. The numerical tools used were 1) linear, exponential, logarithmic, and power regression analysis, 2) discrete Fourier transform, and 3) discrete cross-correlation …
… Therefore, with these practical considerations in mind, a set of 5 programs were developed for use on a programmable pocket calculator …
… The following programs were formulated for those situations. The programs were 1) a regression analysis, 2) a discrete spectral analysis, and 3) a cross-correlation analysis.
The regression analysis provided a means of obtaining trends of the EEG activity, which were the result of step changes in the output of the anesthesia machine. The program yielded constants which described the shape of 4-geometrical curves. The curves were linear, exponential, logarithmic, or power curves. The program also provided correlation coefficients as a measure of the degree of "fit" of each curve …
… the system was reduced to 5 compartments and implemented on the programmable pocket calculator …

HP-67/97 User Instructions
… Data Loading …
… Data Conditioning …
… Data Averaging and Histogram …
… Data Fitting …
… Fourier Analysis of the Data …
… Cross-correlation of the Data …
HP-67/97 Program Listing
… Data Conditioner Program
… Histogram Program
… Curve Fit Program
… Fourier Analysis Program
… Cross-correlation Program


ps: cick on the BLUE rectangle encasing Download for full text.
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