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XCAS wins
12-19-2019, 08:17 PM
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RE: XCAS wins
(12-18-2019 10:50 PM)John P Wrote:  
(12-18-2019 01:08 PM) Wrote:  Compsystem,
You can use an iPad for better hardware (?) and a larger screen.
Install "PocketCAS Pro" App on it. This App is based on GIAC and Xcas.
Then also install the HP-Prime Pro App (then you also have a slightly larger screen).
You also have access to WiFi, the internet and a lot of GB of memory, etc.

IMHO, the HP-Prime is a calculator and not a handheld computer system, it has a lot of memory (the G2) with a nice color touch screen and bugs free (or nearly bugs free).

HP-Prime team (and all forum members),
Happy Christmas and a happy new year!

(No, I do not have shares in PocketCAS and in HP!)
You are right. I think that is what the thinking at HP goes as far as calcs are concerned. Why build extra hardware when better exists on pads and phones? I just updated HP Prime Plus on my IPhone and iPad and so far it does works with no crashes, but haw long it will last that way? Who knows. Personally I would like clam shell vertical or horizontal with some rows, one or two, for programmable soft keys. That would be powerful clac with lots of space for powerful hardware and lots of memory. The screen would be bigger as well, so full implementation of XCAS possible. Just dreaming. Oh, I forgot they could also iron out all the bugs etc. etc.

Because I need the real keys
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