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KINOMI project
06-18-2014, 09:19 PM
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RE: KINOMI project
(05-05-2014 12:28 AM)lemontea Wrote:  Wow this is outstanding!


And wow it appears this forum has received a long overdue facelift
bringing it into the new millenium, judging from the MyBB upgrade.
Nice indeed.

Haven't been here in quite some time, but I'd happened upon http log
hits to my KINOMI and Voyager information of late and thought to drop
in for a visit.

Quote:As I understand it from reading a few legacy threads, the economics did not support commercial / semi-commercial mass production of this in the WP-34S way.

There was never any serious intention to commercialize it, but I was
interested to spark an open project with the KEMU emulator and KINOMI
work. The log jam occurred when my discussion with HP went radio
silent. I was seeking at least a nod from them w/r/t redistributing my
Voyager reverse engineering data and most importantly extracted ROM
images for the full Voyager series. I'd also entertained porting KEMU to
the sam7 voyager but never had the time.

FWIW I did develop an optimized Saturn embedded emulator specifically
tailored to run the 42s ROM along with a full hardware design for a landscape
form factor calc with low power 32-bit SoC, higher-res graphics display, RF link,
USB interconnect, audio, etc.. The PCB board set had been created but I'd
become distracted with real work and never did send it out to a board house.
Then again I was interested in creating an open 42s clone but figured receiving
release on the ROM for the 42s would be even more futile. Still seemed
to be an interesting way to jump-start the project whereupon something
such as a wp34 port could displace the emulation usage.

I need to find a way to invent more time or more clones.
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