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TI Calcs
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RE: TI Calcs
(02-19-2019 09:47 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(02-19-2019 09:03 PM)Jlouis Wrote:  I guess it is a good procedure whenever there's an item in the classifieds section, one interested in purchase the item(s) post in the respective thread "PM sent" to let everybody know that one send the PM and the order of interesteds.

I think this is fair.



This is an old topic that comes up from time to time.

Although I get your point, there is no way to monitor if/when people send a PM, and it can't be demanded in any case, so it really comes down to a decision made by the seller. And while I can understand your notion of fairness, the items are his/hers to sell or dispose of as they see fit, and there really is no means to make it fair, or in most cases even judge if the selection is fair or not (since other replies may not be visible).

That said, it really is incumbent upon sellers to eventually acknowledge (to the sender) receiving all such PMs (or email) and to notify those that didn't win/have a chance to make a purchase/out-bid/etc. that they did not 'win' and, ideally, why not. But this too is just my notion of fairness and there is no way to enforce it, other than not responding to sellers that don't behave accordingly (though often it's a new member, only here to sell something).

Ok, Bob, understood.

I know that it depends on the seller.

But if there were rules for the seller and the potential buyers, I think deals would be more transparent.

I think that the reasons sellers appear here to sell are that they want their stuff going to collectors or enthusiasts like us, that they know the buyer will keep and care the item bought with care. They don't want to sell to speculators that only want to make profit.

That said, there should be a system for assuring transparency for the negotiations. Sometimes the seller does not want to send his item abroad, or doesn't trust in send an item to some country. That's ok, but it should have being said explicitly.

And for your arguments against the impossibility to control the deals, I have to say that we have to be (presumably at least) ethical and I think this is not a problem here.

So, resuming, if there's a pinned thread with rules in the classified section, for sellers and buyers, we can have a fairer and tranparent classified section. Even if the seller specifies " I want to sell only for americans" or "I want to sell only for senior members" or even "I want to sell for A and B members". And the buyer should follow the rule of posting a reply saying the items he wants and the order of the replies should be followed.

I hope I could be let myself be understood, English is not my native language.

Just an opinion.

Thanks for listening me.


Edit: Another point: If a seller wants to make an auction for an item, this is not the place to do that. He must go to TAS an do that. That must be one of the rules.
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