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02-28-2019, 12:00 AM
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RE: μWatch
I went for the LCD suggested on Mouser but bought one from a local electronics store as you need to be aware that Mouser charge a minimum of £12 for just one item delivered locally in the UK. I did email them to ask why local (UK) postage was so excessive - they replied that they charge postage for a minimum of 100 items so their full cost for a £7 component with VAT and delivery would have been ≈ £24!

The LCD I did get however needs an operating voltage of 4.7 to 5.3v DC and the original LCD was driven by a CR2032 3v DC cell battery from the μWatch (there are 2 CR2032s in total but only 3v gets delivered to the LCD.
NOW to expose this Pure Mathematician’s ignorance of all practical application of Electronics again, could I power the whole watch and screen with an external 5v DC power supply as I’ve no intention to make it into a watch if I can get it going again, it’ll be used as a desktop.
Is there a larger voltage (4.7-5.3) DC coin battery the same size as the CR2032?
Please advise as I don’t want to ‘fry’ the whole watch!

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