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02-22-2019, 03:48 PM
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RE: μWatch
As I’ve already told everyone - I’ve managed to knacker the screen of the μWatch - a combination of 70 year old hands riddled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and poor EE Skills.
I’ve been trying to find a replacement screen but nobody (including David Jones the original maker of the kit) seems to able to help me.
It’s ribbon cable has broken away from the actual LCD where it was connected - there are 16 silver pins left on the LCD PCB - are they from the old cable and been left behind and do I need to remove them before I try out the new 16 pin ribbon cable I have?
I can’t find an equivalent LCD preferably with the ribbon cable already attached - it broke away from underneath the black gunk that was covering the connection.

Do you know (or anyone who does) where I (a) could get a replacement LCD (b) An alternative screen with a better 16 pin connector (c) a way to solve it by say mounting a screen on a breadboard or similar and connecting the rest of the watch to it as I’m not going to try and put it all together as a watch as that’s how I broke it in the first place?
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated - I’ve spent hours online at electronics forums and our own HPmuseum forum trying to find a solution.

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