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Scientific Calculator Keyboard Challenge
06-07-2014, 07:09 AM
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RE: Scientific Calculator Keyboard Challenge
(06-07-2014 04:05 AM)Garth Wilson Wrote:  or you could just go for a frogpad:
(although most of us will want the righ-handed version)

Depends whom you call "us". Quoting from the Froggy Manual:

Notice the 15 center keys. At the top left corner, the letters that are in black are used in 86% of the
English language. On the bottom left, the letters are in green, which are used in 14% of the English
language. In the most difficult language, Czech, those 15 letters still comprise 70% of that language.

I checked those four sentences in all languages that manual is published. Guess what? It's literally translated into French and German (no Spanish, no Portuguese, etc.). I'm sure a Czech writer will object to the last sentence. Even Czech kids will agree Czech isn't difficult at all while English is.

The table of "international characters" on page 8 also is in no way re-sorted for French or German AFAICS. And no way to access Czech favorites like Č unless I missed something obvious. To complete the picture: on I found (for their newest product) at the bottom:

US English and EU English versions available

That's it. Breathtaking!! Must look like multilingual for a gal from the Midwest! (Sorry you gals!) So we have here another textbook example of English-centristic thinking. Confused On this forum, yes, most of "us" might be happy with a right-handed English version.

Globally, most of "us" might want a version for another language - their respective mother tongue IF it was taken care of by these developers which I doubt. Sorry for that being off calculator topic - alas, it's just soooo typical. Those folks will never understand a multicultural planet. Sad Maybe (!) in their next life.

If I have missed any important piece in this matter, please point me to it. TIA.
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