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HP-41CX ... with HP-42C Label
01-28-2019, 02:32 AM
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HP-41CX ... with HP-42C Label
eBay Auction

Text from auction:

Odd HP-41CX Calculator. It has a serial number years in advance of the introduction of the CX model, in fact one of the earliest S/N known for the entire HP-41 family (1926A000172). It has the two golden balls in the charging port and the back label clearly identifies it as a HP-42C and has a "Made in Singapore" text.

Functionally it is indeed a 41CX. I didn't open the case to see what is inside, perhaps someone out there has more information first. If it wasn't for the unique label I would have assumed it is an old HP-41C that has its motherboard replaced, but the label is different than the early HP-41 models (and any other later hp-41 labels, USA or Singapore) and it doesn't seem to have been replaced by an amateur. I do not have a test module to obtain more information outright.

To summarize my problem: the label which does not seem to have been tampered with says "HP-42C" in one corner while the general design is still the one from the HP-41 family. I have never seen or heard of such a label. One opinion was that this might have been an internal prototype of one of the engineers at that time.
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