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Any way to report a weasel seller?
11-14-2018, 11:14 PM
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RE: Any way to report a weasel seller?
(11-14-2018 04:34 PM)burkhard Wrote:  So, has anyone ever filed a complaint with eBay over seller activity like this? How? As far as eBay is concerned, I didn't actually purchase the item since the seller cancelled the transaction and refunded me after I paid. So there isn't even a "report seller" link that I can see. But it still bugs me that this person was pretty clearly evasive and not being honest with what transpired.

You can still leave feedback, even though the purchase was cancelled. As the item was cancelled, it is no longer available in your Purchase History, but there is another way to get at the list of ALL your transactions.

Here's how:

1. Login to your eBay account
2. Go to your "My eBay" page
3. Click on Account on the upper left, just under "My eBay"
4. In the My Account box on the left, the 6th item down is "Feedback" - click this
5. You should now see (scroll down a bit) a list of all your transactions, so you can let the world know what a truly special person this seller is.

Leaving negative feedback may not help you to feel any better about this seller's tactics (I agree, he/she likely decided the bidding didn't go as high as they wanted) but it may warn the next guy enough to stay away.

If you really want to help the seller to see the light, watch his/her new listings for the next couple weeks to see if he/she lists the 29C again. If so, I would then call eBay support and report what happened. You have to be patient when you call, but the last couple support folks I spoke with seemed to 'get it' and were very helpful.

--Bob Prosperi
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