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Any way to report a weasel seller?
11-14-2018, 04:34 PM (This post was last modified: 11-14-2018 04:35 PM by burkhard.)
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Any way to report a weasel seller?
Very recently on the typical auction site I purchased at a fairly good price an untested HP-29C being sold "for repair or parts only". My intent was to use it for a Panamatik Woodstock LP conversion, so I wanted one that looked good. If it were dead, all the better because that actually helped keep the price down and I wouldn't feel even a twinge of conscience for modifying it.

I paid the seller immediately.

The next day, i received a message that said only "I'm so sorry, I dropped it getting it ready for shipping. I have issued a full refund."

The abruptness of the note surprised me. I inquired if I could still purchase the damaged item (I was buying it for parts, after all) and if they could tell me what was damaged or at least send a picture.

The seller replied only with "Sorry if it was minor I would've offered something"

I replied indicating my complete dissatisfaction, but have gotten no further communication. As he indicated, he did issue a refund.

So, what is apparent to me is that the story about damaging it during packing is utter rubbish. Rather,
1) The seller just didn't like the price the auction ended at...
and possibly,
2) They finally took the pains to test it, found out it did work and then REALLY didn't like the price the auction ended at.

So, has anyone ever filed a complaint with eBay over seller activity like this? How? As far as eBay is concerned, I didn't actually purchase the item since the seller cancelled the transaction and refunded me after I paid. So there isn't even a "report seller" link that I can see. But it still bugs me that this person was pretty clearly evasive and not being honest with what transpired.
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