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[43S] Just to have it on the new forum, too
12-16-2013, 04:45 AM
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[43S] Just to have it on the new forum, too
Since we're in a new habitat now, please let me post the current keyboard layout so everybody can find it here as well. It's pictured showing the function grouping:

[Image: kb43sjg.png]

And for sake of completeness a short summary of the features planned:

+ A solver (root finder) that can solve for any variable in an equation.
+ Numeric integration for calculating definite integrals.
+ Numeric derivation.
+ Matrix operations, including a comfortable Matrix Editor, a solver for simultaneous linear equations, and many other useful matrix functions.
+ Complex numbers and vector functions.
+ Statistical operations, including curve fitting and forecasting.
+ Bit manipulation, base conversions, and integer arithmetic in fifteen bases from binary to hexadecimal.
+ A stopwatch based on a real-time clock,
+ Battery-fail-safe on-board backup memory.
+ An SD card slot and an USB interface to the world outside, as well as an infrared printer port for immediate printing calculations, programs, and data using the HP 82240A Infrared Printer.
+ A catalog for reviewing and using items stored in memory.
+ An easy-to-use menu system that uses the bottom part of the display to label the top row of keys.
+ Menus and keyboard layouts that can be customized.
+ Keystroke programming with branching, looping, tests, and flags.
+ The ability to run programs written for the HP-41C, HP-42S, and WP 34S calculators.
+ A multi-line, high-resolution alphanumeric display with adjustable contrast, allowing for menus, softkeys, mathematical symbols, Greek and extended Latin letters.

Your WP 43S shall provide the most ample function set ever seen in an RPN pocket calculator:

+ Euler’s Beta and Riemann’s Zeta functions, Bernoulli and Fibonacci numbers, Lambert’s W, the error function, and the Chebyshev, Hermite, Laguerre, and Legendre orthogonal polynomials (no more need to carry heavy printed tables).
+ Probability distributions like standard normal, Fisher’s F, Student’s t, chi-square, Poisson, binomial, geo¬me¬tric, Cauchy-Lorentz, exponential, logistic, Weibull, log-normal, and Gaussian.
+ Over 50 fundamental physical constants stored as accurate as used today by national standards institutes such as NIST or PTB, plus a selection of important constants from mathematics, astronomy, and surveying.
+ Almost 100 conversions, mainly from old British Imperial to universal SI units and vice versa.

Furthermore, your WP 43S shall feature lots of space for your data and programs:

+ 4 or 8 stack levels and up to 107 global general purpose registers, each taking one object of arbitrary data type.
+ 112 global user flags.
+ As many named variables as memory can hold.
+ Up to 10 000 program steps in RAM, up to 20 000 program steps in flash memory.
+ 16 local flags and up to 888 local registers per routine allowing for recursive programming.

You know Santa's coming soon, so don't take the 10 000 steps too serious -- but the other features will probably happen if and when there'll be a hardware reaching us.

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