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HP-27s and direct solutions legend
11-06-2018, 05:17 PM
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RE: HP-27s and direct solutions legend
(11-06-2018 05:01 PM)Jlouis Wrote:  
(11-05-2018 12:06 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  I don't think so. Unless Thomas Okken first makes a free27, which I doubt he will make. The HP-27S ROM, like all pioneers, remains copyrighted by HP, which prevents to distribute an emulator with the ROM...

But the 12c, 15c are copyrighted as well and was cloned by swissmicros. The sales number of swissmicros don't bother HP.
The Voyager case is slightly more complex. The ROMs don't hold a copyright. However, since HP is still selling the 12C, and used to sell the 15C limited edition no so long ago, and also sells 12C/15C iOS/Android Apps, HP is pressuring Google and Apple... Go12c was removed from market, as well as other emulators, even though it did not come with the ROM ! Nonpareil does not offer the Voyagers anymore.
I believe there is no legal ground for this, but it is not easy to go against Google.
The fact that SwissMacro is not on HP's radar does not mean that this will last forever...
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