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bug report with prefix set[ ] & list[]
11-04-2018, 06:12 PM
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Please be kind
We have received three reports of posts on this thread. That is three too many.

Please take the comments below as they are intended...which is to be helpful. Do not take these to be hostile or to suggest anyone should run away from the forum and not contribute. Not at all.

In order...

Compsystems, thank you for your posts. They are always interesting to me and I do my best to learn something from them. I would ask that you try to limit the size of the posts if possible - the longer the post takes to read the less someone might read through it. Also, everyone here has an opinion and of course MY opinion is correct. (that's a joke). Try to allow others to express their opinion without being too dismissive of their thoughts even if you disagree or are absolutely convinced they are way off base.

eried - postings in the forum should be in English. Google has an excellent translation service that is at least adequate. I am told that the tone of your post was very aggressive. Please try to avoid that even if you feel irritated by something you read here.

Mark, Bob, and others - I merely ask that none of us contribute to the stress of the situation. If a post bothers you, please report it and the moderators will address it.

I will lock this post and I ask each of us to please focus on why were are here, which I think is to have fun and learn about our shared case of love for these devices.

Thank you.
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