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(11C) Thin Lens Analysis
10-23-2018, 06:20 PM
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RE: (11C) Thin Lens Analysis
(10-21-2018 08:26 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote:  To run: enter U (object distance) then F (focal distance). Then run label C ([ f ] [10^x] (C)). The first result is V (image distance). Press [R/S] to get M (magnification).

The program keeps data (U) on the stack, and the stack may be disturbed due to user interaction while the first result is displayed. That's why I suggest removing the R/S command. This way both results, V and M, are returned at the same time in X and Y. Which makes the program safe to use.

Note: the program expects the object distance U as user input. Usually distance scales on lenses are calibrated to the sum of object and image distance (U+V) which means that, especially for larger magnifications, the results will differ.

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