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Informal Benchmark HW C vs HW D
10-15-2018, 08:01 AM
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RE: Informal Benchmark HW C vs HW D
(10-14-2018 09:44 PM)akmon Wrote:  
(10-13-2018 08:50 AM)CyberAngel Wrote:  Time the Inversion ONLY (leave the display out):

LOCAL t,Mat1;
  MSGBOX(Mat1); // debugging
  t:=TICKS; Mat1:=Mat1^-1;
RETURN (TICKS-t)/1000.+"_s";
Usage: InvMat1(50) [ Enter ]
see the random matrix, for the inverse timing press again [ Enter ]
or tap | OK |
Press directly again [ Enter ] tap | OK |
and one more time and the fourth time to get the average

Now increase to 100 and do it 4 times, too by pressing the [ Enter ]

Try four times 200
Does anyone have also the G2?

These are my results:


Invmat1(50) average: 0,0135s
Invmat1(100) average: 0,0795s
Invmat1(200) average: impossible to test. Calculator crashed, only restart with a clip. reported to calcbeta


Invmat1(50) average: 0,1665s
Invmat1(100) average: 1,113s
Invmat1(200) average: it shows a strange error message but it can continue doing the calculus: 8,472s.

With eight times the RAM
and perhaps a eight times the MatInv speed
it's a shame that the G2 crashes.

Can anyone try on their phone up to 800, please.
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