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HP 39gs programming languages
08-20-2018, 05:20 PM
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RE: HP 39gs programming languages
(08-20-2018 03:16 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(08-20-2018 07:36 AM)Sava Wrote:  I read this site, and it seems I need ADK39. I tried the version from this site, but it doesn't work with Windows 10. Of course I can use virtual machine with old Woindows OS, but I think it isn't convenient. Maybe you or someone else can tell me, where can I download ADK39 working with Windows 10, please?

I have no idea, but I will guess that this has not been updated for a long time, as these model calculators are all fairly old, and interest in them has dropped a lot. I've never used ADK39 so can't provide much useful info.

Often, when an old program will not work on Win-10, you can get it to work by setting the compatibility settings in the property tab of the .exe file to "Windows XP SP3". In some cases this same trick must also be applied to the installer program as well, in order to get it installed. Give that a try. Otherwise. running in a VM is probably the best way to go.

If you find success, please post the solution that worked for you, to help folks in the future.

Good Luck!
Compatibility settings don't help. I have to use a VM I guess. I will write here if it works. By the way, is it possible and safe to use both VM and programs running on "real" computer? I'm sorry for so many questions but I have never used it.
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