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HP 39gs programming languages
08-20-2018, 07:36 AM
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RE: HP 39gs programming languages
(08-19-2018 01:52 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(08-19-2018 11:32 AM)Sava Wrote:  Which one do you think is the most suitable and easy for newbie who only tried programming on Pascal ABC? And where to find books to learn these languages and software for Windows to write programs? I only have this manual and this program, but I'm not sure it is OK to start with them.

This website has a lot of programs and information about the 39gs/40gs (and the older 38/39/40/39+ models):

I have hardly used the 38/39/40 series at all, but I have read that one should learn to use the basic applet language before trying SysRPL, which is also very true for the 48/49/50 series.

I read this site, and it seems I need ADK39. I tried the version from this site, but it doesn't work with Windows 10. Of course I can use virtual machine with old Woindows OS, but I think it isn't convenient. Maybe you or someone else can tell me, where can I download ADK39 working with Windows 10, please?
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