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The Great Firewall
08-14-2018, 02:09 AM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2018 02:49 AM by Albert Chan.)
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The Great Firewall
Just recently finished the book "PostCards from Tomorrow Square, Reports from China", by James Fallows.
He had a weird take on the reason of China Great Firewall ... Information overload ?!

Quote:Think again of the real importance of the Great Firewall. Does the Chinese government really care if a citizen can look up the Tiananmen Square entry on Wikipedia ? Of course not. Anyone who wants that information will get it -- by using a proxy server or VPN, by e-mailing to a friend overseas, even by looking at the surprisingly broad array of foreign magazines that arrive, uncensored, in Chinese libraries.

What the government cares about is making the quest for information just enough of a nuisance that people generally won't bother. Most Chinese people, like most Americans, are interested mainly in their own country. All around them is more information about China and things Chinese than they could possibly take in. The newsstands are bulging with papers and countless glossy magazines. The bookstores are big, well-stocked, and full of patrons, and so are the public libraries. Video stores, with pirated versions of anything. Lots of TV channels. And of course the Internet, where sites in Chinese and about China constantly proliferate. When this much is available inside the Great Firewall, why go to the expense and bother, or incur the possible risk, of trying to look outside ?


Edit: I might have mistaken the author's intention.
He is not a supporter of the Great Firewall.
The quote is to explain how effective the Firewall is, without too much effort.
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