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HP-25 Keyboard fix, dissambely advice ?
09-19-2021, 09:05 PM
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RE: HP-25 Keyboard fix, dissambely advice ?
(08-12-2018 06:02 PM)allstonma Wrote:  Hi All
I have inhereted my fathers old HP-25 and the battery pack seems to have leaked and effected the keyboard. Got the case apart, but need to remove the board with the buttons from the front cover. Any advice on how to do this ? Does not seem to be an obvious method.
While were at it, seems like the battery door is stuck, and advice on this as well ?
Many Thanks

Hi!, I just fixed a similar problem, the battery leak was so bad that several buttons were not working and the number 4 was not even toggling, completely stuck, no need to split the keyboard, just using a small metal blade (TIC transistor contact) bend 2 mm at its end and spin it through the back golden hole while toggling the button get it released and dirtyness loosen, further blowing with air compressor and works fine. In fact, the circuitry needed some cleanins as well and one contact leg had to be rebuilt as it was missed, some piece of desoldering mesh was welded to the circuitry run (which was reinforced with a welded wire) then some rigid glue in order to make the contact strong enough.
The cover holes were enlarged a bit to allow easy reassy.
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