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Find LCM of 2 numbers without using GCD
08-02-2018, 03:52 PM
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RE: Find LCM of 2 numbers without using GCD
(08-02-2018 01:26 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  BTW, I was trying to use your code as template, but this forum Quote not working.

What do you mean? When I press the Quote button below a post, a Post a New Reply window opens, with the original post surrounded by quote and /quote tags. Does it behave differently in your browser?

(08-02-2018 01:26 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  Where can I learn how to add non-ascii characters in post ?

My preferred way is to type the characters in Free42 (i.e. enter them into the alpha register using the ALPHA menu) and then use Copy and Paste to copy them to the Post text box. Free42 and the Forum are both support Unicode, so that should work smoothly, but of course it is limited to the HP-42S character set. For really unusual characters, I google them by name and then use the first hit from, and copy and paste from there. For example, google "unicode black right pointing triangle" gets you the hit; scroll down to the Java Data section, and you can copy the character from string.toUpperCase() or string.toLowerCase().
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