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Find LCM of 2 numbers without using GCD
08-02-2018, 01:03 PM
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RE: Find LCM of 2 numbers without using GCD
Albert Chan wrote:
Quote:Here is my revised Mod/Gcd program for HP-12C

Fine, so this can be used for calculating the GCD as well as a simple MOD.

However, I'd suggest you use the common function names in your listings:
  • "clear" is ambiguous. The 12C has CLEAR Σ, CLEAR PROGRAM, CLEAR FIN and CLEAR REG commands. You probably mean the CLX function here.
  • "swap" may be clear to RPL-users, but not every 12C user may realize that this refers to the X<>Y key.
  • "rotate" sounds like a rather obscure term for the "roll down" function, i.e. the R↓ key. If you can't insert an arrow, "Rv" is a common solution.
  • Finally, the 12C has an "INT" key, but that's not what is meant here. The integer function is called INTG.
Sticking to standards usually is not a bad idea. ;-)

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